Tender Notice


Dear tendering company representative,

Please review CESM’s request for tender (lubricating oil).   Our RFT cover letter explains the methodology for our tendering process, in line with our Company approved procurement manual.   The shipyard fill for each vessel in our fleet will be minimal and our Company will require a further lubricating oil fill after delivery to bring our vessel to 90% capacity.  The delivery schedule for our fleet, together with our company’s background information can be found in this website.    Our tendering officer’s contact details is in our RFT cover letter.   Should you have any questions, please contact our tendering officer by e-mail.

Interested parties, please review and submit documents no. 1 - 5:

  1. RFT cover letter
  2. Existing oil list supplied by the shipyard
  3. Oil list to be completed by the tenderer
  4. Transparent technical matrix (Excel file) for the tenderer to complete.
  5. Will be the tenderer’s own commercial bid (to be dispatched to CESM in a sealed envelope).   Such commercial bid must show the full pricing details of each product  in each port.