CESM has undergone its first fire and safety training at MASES new training facility located in Yang Lin. CESM management, local fire fighters and MASES / SMA personnel were in attendance to witness the training which was directed at CESM’s junior officers and at CESM’s ratings. This short video is an example of what took place on the 9th of November 2015.

CESM’s Captain Bryan Mitchell led the training sessions to make sure all training was held in English language. Regular pauses in training were made such that participants could discuss the training events in their own language. Such pauses and understanding in the native language of participants is important, since CESM needs to be assured that our safety messages are deeply ingrained in our seafarers. These training sessions will continue on a regular basis. All seafarers will undertake such training prior to deployment on CESM’s LNG vessels.

CESM’s objective is for its crews to be safe, be prepared for deployment on CESM’s LNG vessels and to be able to take instruction from senior officers in English language (the working language on CESM's LNG vessels).

This fire and safety training enhances the SIGTTO recommended LNG training that has been taking place at Dalian Maritime University and also enhances the sea-time training that has been taking place in MOL’s fleet of LNG vessels.