Company mission

To be the premier LNG marine transporter that delivers strategic, clean energy to China.

Company vision

To safely and efficiently manage, operate and maintain LNG vessels to first class International Standards, while training Chinese seafarers to accommodate growing Chinese demand.


To accommodate our mission, vision and Company culture, all shore and all on board Company staff shall work under our policies listed below.    The policies are maintained as documented information, available throughout organisation and to interested parties.

The Company:

·         Aims to protect human lives, marine environment and promote safe operation.

·         Maintains and improves safe, stable, and efficient operations.

·         Satisfies customer needs and no blame culture.

·         Maintains preventive management.

·         Ensures that no seafarer is to be impaired of their duties by drugs or alcohol.

·         Ensures drug and alcohol policy compliant with OCIMF standard.

·         Complies with applicable SHEQ legislations and regulations.   

·         Provides a framework for establishing and reviewing SHEQ objectives.

·         Ensures above are communicated and understood at appropriate levels.

·         Ensures that the processes outlined in this SMS control the scope of SHEQ policy.

·         Strives to obtain a result of zero accident, zero off-hire and pollution-free operations.

·         Commits to improve the safety management system with no blame culture.

·         Senior management takes full responsibility for ensuring that the policy and objectives are achieved, culture and context are      understood.

Company objectives

Corporate objective 1 - the Company's safety environment and quality statement

          Be a centre of excellence for the marine transportation of LNG by ensuring safety at sea, preventing human injury or loss of life and avoiding damage to the environment, in particular to the marine environment and to property.

Corporate objective 2 - the Company's customer orientation statement

          Be the ship manager of choice for charterers' future expansion and future business opportunities, ensuring LNG vessels deliver on schedule to maximize charterers' upstream and downstream business opportunities.  

Corporate objective 3 - the Company's commitment to its employees

          Company's personnel will be given responsibility, opportunity and training to perform to their full potential and be proud of their contribution to the Company.

          The Company supports its employees on board and ashore so that their duties can be safely performed.