Company objective 1 - CESM's safety environment and quality statement

  • Be a centre of excellence for the marine transportation of LNG from Australia to China and a worldwide pacesetter in terms of scale and performance by establishing a reputation for safety, integrity, efficiency, environmental protection and continuous improvement. 


Company objective 2 - CESM's customer orientation statement

  • Be the ship manager of choice for charterers' future expansion and future business opportunities, ensuring LNG vessels deliver on schedule to maximize charterers' upstream and downstream business opportunities.  


Company objective 3 - CESM's employee commitment statement

  • Company's personnel will be given responsibility, opportunity and training to perform to their full potential and be proud of their contribution to the Company. 


Together with the Company's mission and vision, these corporate objective statements are evidence of senior management and board of director commitment to the development and implementation of Company's integrated  management system (IMS) initiative and continually improving the Company's effectiveness by providing necessary resources / establishing SMART* annual objectives  / using the IMS' risk management principles.

(*SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound)